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Invigorate Education Programs

Testing and Evaluations

Testing and evaluations are available for children ages 12 months to 18 years of age.
Evaluations may take anywhere between 2-6 hours depending on your child’s needs and other factors. Many evaluations are scheduled to be completed in 2 sessions, which do not include the initial intake session.

A full evaluation will include:

● Reading (including fluency and phonemics), Mathematics and Writing Assessments
● Speech & Hearing Evaluation
● Testing for learning disabilities including ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism (PDD including
  Aspergers) etc.
● Cognitive Assessment
● Emotional/Psychological assessments, including those for school readiness

Depending on the needs of your child and your family, tests may be added
on or taken away.
If your child has and IEP, 504 Plan or SST plan those documents will need to be
provided to Invigorate Education prior to testing. If you do not have copies
of these documents, you may request them from the school, doctor or the
entity that tested your child.

Once testing is complete, please allow 7-14 days before test results will be
furnished to you.

Small Group Instruction

A small group at Invigorate Education never has more than 10 children. With small group instruction children receive reading, writing and mathematics assessments. These assessments are not the same as the comprehensive evaluations provided.
Small group instruction is offered multiple times per year. The class is limited
to 10 students. If your child is between the ages of 5 and 12 years, you are
more than welcome, if not encouraged, to enroll your child in small group instruction.

Small group instruction focuses on each students’ individual needs, while addressing the needs of the entire class. Students are grouped into classes based on age and current reading level.

● All Leveled books (provided electronically)
● All worksheets, workbooks and any additional texts

Access to online grading book for at home assignments, books and testing.

Private Instruction

Private instruction is offered on-site at our office. Students who are enrolled in private instruction will receive all assessments and full evaluations. Students will also have an online report card which gives you as the parent full access to all of the activities, worksheets and notes your child is currently partaking in. The updates for your child are provided to you via a HIPAA compliant electronic method.

With Private Instruction Your Child Will Receive:

● A personalized plan of action describing the services, results from
evaluations and type of instruction to be received
● All comprehensive testing including diagnostic evaluations and
reading, cognitive and math assessments
● All materials needed including subscriptions and special materials
● A subscription to Brain Child
● A books and materials provided (electronically)

All children will be evaluated before instruction begins. 

HomeSchooling Policies- Urbane Academics

Homeschooling is the private education option offered by Urbane Academics. Traditionally homeschooling is not something that most urban families consider, but Urbane Academics has made the availability of a TRUE private education truly possible.
The Urbane Academics homeschool philosophy is simple. Follow the standards, and make them work ideally for each child. A typical school day is from 8am-3pm. Urbane Academics runs a school day exactly the same way, but our instruction model is completely different.

All students receive a student portfolio

  • There will be planned outings and trips

  • There will be planned visits from specialized programs

  • All students will be tested monthly

  • All students will receive report cards/progress reports (the terms are interchangeable)

  • Child will receive continuous support and full diagnostic evaluations, and if necessary IEP and 504 Plans

  • All children receive a completely individualized curriculum based on parental wants and needs, state standards, and your child’s likes and dislikes

  • Parents can view all student grades, progress reports and portfolio information online (portfolios are updated every 2 weeks online)

  • Students receive “diplomas” upon completion of the school year

  • Students will participate in an “end of year” celebration (graduation)

  • End of Year” Celebration is recorded on DVD and provided to all parents.

  • You may choose to have your child participate in NYS tests or take more rigorous examinations. You will be given testing options upon enrollment.

  • Students are provided with light meal/snack during their sessions

  • Urbane Academics fully and completely insured

  • You may choose to use a 1099 for tax reporting and refunding purposes

  • Parents are provided with a full schedule with all major trips, outings, and specials dated and timed for convenience

  • All souvenirs from trips are provided by Urbane Academics

  • Students will receive T-shirts, backpacks and paraphernalia associated with Urbane Academics

  • Transportation is provided for students in parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn by KidCar NY.

How It Works: Step By Step

  1. Contact Invigorate Education and set up an appointment to meet for intake 

  2. At the meeting, all steps in the registration process will be explained.


A student who has been enrolled in any of the Invigorate Education program is considered enrolled if his/her parents have completed all enrollment forms, emergency contact forms, signed and completed all payment agreements (including securing any subsidies or grants-Urbane Academics will assist in this), the student has been evaluated and payment has been received.

  1. Enroll your student in Urbane Academics by completing the enrollment form.

  2. Schedule an appointment to meet with Nzingha (you can schedule an appointment on the website).

  3. Complete and sign all forms and agreements.

  4. Submit forms for subsidies (this is your choice)

  5. Schedule an appointment to have your child evaluated.

  6. Evaluation results are shared with parents and the proper length of program is chosen for the child

  7. Child begins instructions

  8. Child is evaluated half-way through instruction

  9. Child completes instruction

  10. Child is evaluated upon program completion

  11. Parent is given all evaluations and a student work portfolio.

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