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Invigorate Education Orton-Gillingham Services

We offer both training and tutoring services in the discipline of Orton-Gillingham. Orton-Gillingham is one of the most respected and widely known reading programs, It provides reading skills for those who are learning (instructional) and those who could use a boost in their reading skills (intervention).

The Invigorate Education Orton-Gillingham training programs are offered both online and on-site (postponed due to Covid-19 precautions). We offer introductory (refresher), intermediate, and comprehensive Orton-Gillingham training for individuals and groups of all sizes.

Please see the chart below for specific concepts and methods taught based on the course level.
It is important to note that our Asynchronous course is only offered in the comprehensive format. All other courses are available in the introductory (refresher), Intermediate or comprehensive course level format.

Download sample lesson plans

Orton-Gillingham Training Online/Self-Paced Orton-Gillingham Training

Orton-Gillingham online is one of our most popular and most convenient options for Orton-Gillingham Training.  We offer 2 levels of self-paced training online, our beginner or refresher course for Orton-Gillingham, and our more advanced Introduction to Orton-Gillingham Course. Each course is designed to give you a solid foundation to begin your Orton-Gillingham teaching. We usually suggest our more advanced course Introduction to Orton-Gillingham for teachers who are not already providing intervention services, newer teachers, those unfamiliar with the basics of how to teach reading and/or those who are looking to become Orton-Gillingham certified. Our online courses contain text, video, and audio to help facilitate learning and retention. We are sure to model methods.

Asynchronous learning

(Self-Paced with Days of Live Training)

The Asynchronous course is developed so that those being trained can work through some of the course modules on their own very similarly to the self-paced 32- Hour Orton-Gillingham training. The benefit of Asynchronous training is having the option to also have Orton-Gillingham teaching methods modeled live. Participants are required to be present for anywhere between 1-2 days (days and times vary) for live instruction and modeling of the Orton-Gillingham principles and methods of instruction. The days and times are scheduled beforehand, and materials are attached to the online course. The Asynchronous course and 2-Day Live-Online training are not interchangeable.

Orton-Gillingham Training On-Site/ Live-Online

Orton-Gillingham training on-site is usually done on school premises or at your school district. On-Site training is offered all throughout the school year and is offered in 2 lengths.
Live-Online training is completed in front of an internet ready computer. Each day follows a scheduled structure and is facilitated by an Orton-Gillingham Instructor.

Outline of topic coverage for Orton-Gillingham Online and On-Site Training

2-Day Orton-Gillingham training is a basics course and meant for those who have some background in reading intervention, those looking to “refresh” their skills, and those who are not seeking certification.

3-Day Orton-Gillingham is an extension of the 2-Day training, but covers more topics and covers those topics with more depth. 3- Day training is best for those looking to start teaching quickly and for those who are interested in using the Orton-Gillingham program for whole classroom instruction or group instruction.

4-Day Orton-Gillingham training is best for those who are looking to become certified, those who are teaching in a high needs area (special education, reading intervention, remedial teacher,` etc.), and those looking for an in-depth description of the Orton-Gillingham Method. 4-Day Orton-Gillingham training is the first step in the certification process and provides advanced instruction in multiple Orton-Gillingham methodologies. 


For exact coverage, please see below.

2-Day Training (16 hours)

  • Phonics

  • Phonemic awareness

  • Lesson Plan Development

  • Testing (Pre & Post Level)

  • Scope and Sequence

  • Fidelity practice to ensure correct methodology

3-Day Training (24 hours)

Everything included in 2 Day  training, plus:

  • Morphology

  • Handwriting Development

  • Cursive and Non-Cursive Writing

  • Dictionary Technique

  • Syllabication

  • Fidelity practice to ensure methodology

4-Day Training (32 hours)

Everything included in 2 & 3-day training, plus:

  • Advanced Morphology

  • Advanced syllabication

  • Dyslexia & Reading difficulty coverage

  • Fluency

  • Curriculum and lesson plan development

  • Fidelity practice to ensure correct methodology

  • Dual-Language Instruction using the Orton-Gillingham Method- English-Spanish


For children and young adults- NC

Orton-Gillingham Reading Intervention

Orton-Gillingham tutoring and direct instruction provided one-on-one in-home and in small groups at our New York City or North Carolina offices.
Classes are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. All materials are provided and students are provided with pre/post-tests, an online portfolio of work, even down the opens and please contact us directly for the schedule of classes or to find out more information.

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